Friday, May 30, 2014

Sinner Saint is "NuKyanibol"

I am walking thru this period of my days on earth as a complete circle of proof truthing. Boothipated like a bandage from the womb candid temper north ambient for an ambulance there is a scent of hint in your grin. May eye recommend a dark tastey more so like a handshake but appealing like bakes from my mah on my wife side X marks the spot eye take upon my covenant of responsibility though doom fears my fate. I sink nah thirsdee of a week lets climb a boob before eye speak i feel better when eye grasp the motions grind mine teeth 120 on a character beach sand between my cleets im ready for the sack quarterbach i love the smile of deep thought head in a lean right direction full effection yes erect posture is for position of the preference in the mission open wide ready

The direction of your affection is deep

Bounce hat tight like raps of mine or theirs eye heard it all before my age displayed my beat. The value in regard to the pencil of my lips the tip of my yum we hum and songbirds begin to strum. The sir sends ape a trumpet for the vibe to climb fly jets if you bet you have two options are a peak of an attraction purpose module not mule or you'll on the sheet of sea men who meant the respects to keep. Sewn eye can sense the patters of the feets and that's bleach!

The direction of your affection is deep.