Friday, July 25, 2014

The Disciplines of Budget as a Self Employed Bipolar Manic Stand Up Comedian who Drives a Car for a Living While living off School Tuition to pay for his child's needs!

"The Disciplines of Budget as a Self Employed Bipolar Manic Stand Up Comedian who Drives a Car for a Living While living off School Tuition to pay for his child's needs!" is an outstanding concept in self disciplined areas of need over wants. The entire process began before the concept could be accepted as genuine. The issues and concerns surrounding mental health issues are elevated and growing. The bottom line question and answer evolved to "where do we go from here?"

It is currently 4 years since 2010 November when I bottomed out as I knew my world. I lost my employment, marriage, funding, and my matriarch all in the same 30 days. I was only a step wife away from authentic homelessness. I did not mistakenly say or spell the phrase step wife. When you are married but divorced in the household and understanding she becomes your step wife. She is an ex-wife whom you still share accountability and property with. You both come to the agreement of "just friends" status and keep the home in order for the sake of balance and serenity. A step wife or step husband requires one of the two to always remain in balance of what is right.

Step spouse status is a return to friendship status and fits. There is no fleshly desire to partake of the other one. No one is arguing about the others needs or desires. No one asks permission or checks in with the other. You are roommates with a history and understanding of its future. The step spouse is an end result to a desired best chance we have at salvaging the memories that were built up to knowing who you are as a person. Step spouse allows all parties to protect in covenant of the heart what is home. Home is the heart of every matter you function under be it financial, spiritual, and social. The heart you now have has grown from the heart you once believed.

Well in my 4th year as a step spouse I have dug myself deeper into a hole financially. The problem with being a step spouse is when you do not let go of your spousal support mentality. I found myself in a continued pattern of check in with spouse, what does spouse need, what does spouse want, what would spouse say, and onward only to bring myself to a financial halt that, spouse is not doing the same thing as I am thus I need to stop doing this to myself. The reality hits both sides as when both commit to the step spouse position, what he once made as not enough turns into the understanding of how much support was actually supplied. The discipline required as a step spouse is one which requires basic disciplines and practices. Budget everything for the purpose of growth.


I currently am a driver/self employed (private), and a stand up comedian (open mic/2014 January effective date in Arlington, Texas) who wishes he had a client base of 12 women whom he could service their needs, from driver service, lawn care (basic cut n trim) and consultant.  I devised a plan to grow the car service business. The plan allows room for consulting and entertainment. The real problem I am having is convincing anyone with revenue why the plan will work.
The plan itself is based on one person being responsible for everything incoming and outgoing. The plan requires 3 vehicle styles; a stretch limousine, a luxury sedan, and a luxury sport utility vehicle such as a Chevy Suburban or Cadillac Escalade. My simplistic concept was prepay your year of Standby Service with the Mr. Charles brand. I got excited about the idea due to three ingredients. Money, Women and Me. I know it sounds like a typical male dream, and it is, however, it is abundantly more than a dream of fiction, as it is more so a dream of reality expectation.
This concept is completely a functionally sound concept which has a growth opportunity of 400%. Currently I am by myself in this concept and grew $6k-$12k with word of mouth advertising and repeat business. This year without advertising at all 4 clients partook of the Mr.Charles service. The common denominator in the 4 client partaking is they each required limousine service. This metric I found to be quite amazing.

The volume of impact from a limousine service with a well dressed and attractive driver who knows what he is doing sets the stage of opportunity for any Mr.Charles client who seeks a highlight to the evening or service. I have begun grooming myself to a more well rounded fashion in attire and personal appearance. I removed the long hair and replaced it with a short professional appeal. Facial hair is the struggle and will take some real exact science effort to perfect. Meanwhile I must remain focused on the total outcome. Success!

The Mr.Charles Brand & Logo will represent clean, discrete, wise, safe, secure, and functional equipment. Our aim is your destination. We drive until you arrive! Campaigning costs will be creative costs from initial start up and then lowered in repeat campaign efforts. Sticking to the picture we are promoting this in a movie as a movie to real life. Documentary video of this entire process will make minds look and then look again. IS this a movie? IS this for real? Where is it playing? IS there an album? Where can I purchase merchandise? These are the questions this entire concept will provoke into the consciousness of social networking arenas near and far of the internet.

The equipment once established will represent the brand of Mr.Charles as a cabin style for passenger luxury. The outside of vehicle remain approachable as the inside of the vehicle sets everyone apart from approachable status. These vehicles need to make our client base remember they are the only ones who ride in this style of luxury and conditioning.

Our service is equipped with therapy massage techniques, trinkets, and treatments which last you the duration of the ride or service.

Our service is equipped with the ability to handle light tasks and duties such as picking up items from specified locations as well as dropping off such items; rentals, clothes, parcels, etc.

We are owned by a production company. The best part of having a production company is producing a small presentation or display item to share with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or total strangers. The Mr.Charles Brand is completely open to legitimate productive and fair product ideas and themes which fit or enhance the Mr.Charles brand. Mr.Charles in itself is a vehicle of business of safe travels.

Honestly everything. The ratio of good men  to women is dropping faster than people think. A woman of today whom is career efficient, family oriented, single, and wants to be pampered at the very least once per quarter on a major scale and 4 times a quarter on a timely scale is a growing number of professionally based women who need the virtual reality boyfriend support when they are ready to click on it. Today's woman does not need a today's man. She needs a today's virtual man.
This requires no exchange of address information, exchange of false expectations and quite frankly no more bullshit conversation. She knows he is crafted to remain silent unless required and remain functional unless required not to.
These men or this one man is not an ordinary thinking male. This gentleman is an agreement. He is a purpose and exists to serve that purpose. There is no confusion about his motives as they should only reflect the compensated request of the client. There is no need for presumptuous arguing. He will not argue. His tone will not raise itself above yours. His smile shall engage you to look deeper into his eyes or at the least remind you he is only here by request and can be removed at any moment by request.

*Where ever you are Ms.Lady (your preferred one name; example- Lady Carrington; Lady Amber; Ms. Amber) Mr.Charles is ready and waiting on stand by for you anytime of the year.