Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sinner Saint's "Eye Know What You are Thinking"

What are you doing?

*There is much to be shared in this medium and format however, there are only so many characters accepted in the English language and alphabet so i shall remain discrete and simply say I been drinking and I been thinking.

There are so many things you can do with your own mind to change the conditions of your environment. One major thought is value. Do you value your opportunity the way you believe you do? I had to personally recollect my thoughts like Sonic Hedgehog and collect my rings. I am as good as I perceive myself to be especially when the work is done or being done. There is no need for me to let go of my dreams considering they , my God, and my word are all that is left to this shell of a male specimen.

Now what is risen out of the ashes of my old is the new glow of truth now perceived as Sinner Saint. Sinner Saint is exactly the aura and reason to know that life is the word you live by. This requires complete submission and wisdom to pull off and eye am exactly the one to do it. This adventure will grow my self worth and establish my bond and covenant of commitment to my family and friends; the ones i love.

Sinner Saint the movie
*tell the truth; observe the responses; fear no reactions; think from my heart; testimony; being black and not knowing it; wishing to be more and not knowing it; trust honor God and love are the bonds which support and strengthen me; the only way out is up!

This Campaign
*dedicated to simply living and simple growth using simple people to do one simple thing and that is simply tell other people about sinner saint the movie. T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps, and rock star posters will remain the consistent word of mouth through social media and other means of communication as we combine merchandising with marketing. Most marketing uses worth to sell merchandising. We are using merchandising to sell brand as a promotional purpose tool. This move provides texture to the word of mouth.

-i'll wait-