Friday, September 26, 2014

Sinner Saint "The Movie" script and writing of Sinner Saint's thoughts on his observation of life

The observation of life:

  I'm approaching the mic stand and I listen to the energy as the light beams my side. I walk into the light with a smile and blinded. The passing of calm keeps me prepared to speak to another audience. The beast is in front of me again. It is waiting to pounce on me and I must prevent that from happening; if I want to continue to survive. The first move I make is crucial to keep the beast under my control. The only way to control the beast is to be control. 

  I grab the mic stand and position myself comfortably and make a small incision to interject the anticipation. "I learned a lot from watching porn!" The beast shows a sign of glimmer as it can not contain itself when a connection is made. I am ready to try another now. "Not only did I realize how important glitter is to my complexion, but I was able to find a new therapist to sleep with me on the first date!" 

Ah. The beast is smiling and invert as the frown of peculiarity strikes its brow and then brings up a smile. I say to myself -"Yesss!"  Now for the attention span of my choosing. I can say what ever I choose to say right now and here's a good one. "Did you guys know you can get a woman to stand over you and pee if you film it as long as you promise her it won't be leaked?" "I won't leak it if you don't leak it ... even though you are peeing on me as we speak!" "SssOooooo?" Yeah...
Any moment of pause i acknowledge and use as the world is my stage and i just so happen to be standing on top of my world. I love me so much right now! I think I want to find a virgin and massage her toes with my tongue as she is risen with passion and reaches to embrace my energy. We match each other so well that we protect her virginity. She hands me some lubrication for the massage envy special I mastered, "according to her." And she trusts me enough that she allows me to explore and eye do. She is still a virgin and eye can still pass a polygraph when asked the question, "is her ass sweet?" I can honestly say, "yes - it -  is!"

Sinner Saint Material

I rarely agree with abuse or violence and especially Dr. Rock smoking crack, but I am inclined to change my route, so to speak. LADIES: If a regular guy with a regular car wearing regular clothes on a regular day during regular business hours is actually handling regular business matters, please consider not asking him about what he is doing? You will save yourself a lot of headache by not doing to you what you are trying to do to him. You are bored and need a project. If the project is working fine you have nothing to fix. So you wonder to yourself what do you have that you can fix? Ah! It hit's you that your man or your boo or your big daddy needs to change something and you know exactly what it is. The only problem is ladies you won't change the only one problem he is having and knows exactly what it is!