Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sinner Saint's Plea for Mr.Charles "PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY LIFE"


My name is Sinner Saint. I am an aspiring stand up comedian which so happens to be a driver service. I through entertainment share perceptions with the world.
Well my current perception is blurred and im trying to clarify it.
Currently I am centered in the middle of 3 parts to change my direction. My vehicle status, my debts and my duty to my purposes.
I currently possess $1850-$2,050 and am reaching towards $3,500.
The purpose is acquisition of an up to date vehicle I can dedicate as my own business vehicle like a taxi but more. It will be used to receive money only to make it move.
UBER is such a purpose and can assist me in serving it.
I will need close to $5,500 to get in the proper business style vehicle to increase my percentage of service requests.

It will be February 2015 before I can reach this objective. Im using tuition funds to do it alone and keep all accountability to me as being a burden to others has ached me too long and is getting worse every day i am not driving a client for compensation.
The Uber partner program will arrange & disburse loan repayments on my behalf from my driver earnings. They set it up so there is no question of loan repayments to banks.
I am only interested in reaching a main goal of self sufficience. I want to see me repay my debts current past and future. I am still a baby in being Grown as I encompassed these past 7 years in my life. 2010 - 2014 depicts in time my growth into business and its decisions I now know requires being made without emotional misdirections.
Mental Health documentation states to employers that my bipolar mania may not be fit for their standards and reservations about my resume submission (even mcdonalds and church's chicken). Self Employed reads as unemployed in the business world unless you are paying taxes quarterly of $10k.
Well luckily for me I am graced to be comical thus the stand up comedian status. 2014 is my year of favor and the seeds have begun to transition phases. I am 45 years young and growing. I want to do it the right way and will the right way for it to be done.

Eye am blessed in the wealth of seeing the simplicity of life unfold in front of me. I see the city in the most beautiful way. #InTheMoment