Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My 1'oclock

Sinner Saint's "Please Make Me Laugh" i bragged about you to somebody!

Dear somebody listening right now. Eye know what you are going through and eye assure you that it will get worse first so that you submit to knowing and acknowledging what is better. Stop crying in public without tear falls. It's disgraceful to broken hearts everywhere when you pretend you are hurt. Just because you think your acting skills have paid off, when you never took lessons in the first place or stole a car without getting caught, you are simply fooling yourself on purpose which is an accident waiting to reapply at McDonald's for a soup kitchen position.
 By the way, when you make eggs, please oil the pan first. Eye would ask you to wash the pan and then oil it but eye don't want to confuse you by the work load, so eye settle for 3rd best. Atleast the oil in the plan will help me slide down my throat the metal scraping from the skillet you repainted with enamel gold top spray paint. Thank you for your patience and eye hope this works better for you than it does me. Signed Sinner Saint " A Leo and A Brain