Friday, March 7, 2014

"Going Up" By Sinner Saint of M7Bii Productions Writers Group

"Going up" is the phrase or outburst when eye know the joke is too far inside that even when it is spewed outward it is already above the starting point, thus it starts above up. When I made the short "orgy" I made it in a stumble from the tangent thought "orGee" with the hard gee sound. When I say both thoughts I combine them to expand the joke from itself as a within. Now I know that science in words is a desired acquisition of amusement sought by not in a hurry to laugh, however, I was tickled for 3 seconds. Every joke counts as long as a laugh is needed!

We go above up for our material.
Write down the word orgy. Once complete write in an open area in only two different words how it sounds. SET UP COMPLETE Now read below the following view point.

"orgy- an incomplete sentence from the beginning."

This is a suggestive hint with question mark jubilee? What do you think the first half of the question would be? -The joke is the joke-

*eYE believe dot org should host all internet porn. It already spells it out for you in three letters. Oh are g odds: 1 out of 13 on a 1 to 25

"or gee", "or g", "Ohr Gee", "ohrgee ?"

HERE IS THE JOKE: "Orgy is an incomplete sentence from the beginning."