Saturday, July 26, 2014


You are your belongings as much as your belongings are you. Well needless to say I have been selling myself. My belongings and I are in agreement of parting our ways appropriately. There is nothing for me to meditate on any longer that I have not already contemplated in meditation. All memories and experiences are now of the atmosphere and network known as life and I appreciate all its splendor and glory. My new lifestyle in purpose is one of business.

I am old enough to know better than to allow anything, anyone, or anytime to guide me outside of my path of choice. I choose to be responsible for only that which I am directly responsible for. My thought is to establish myself in digital imprint and social network practices and simply be known as Mr. Digital also known more so familiar in the brand of Mr.Charles.

I figure that if I can liquidate my assets and consolidate my fiscals I am in position to streamline without buffer delay the do's and don'ts of business and culture. I basically will be homeless from the digital imprint scale and lifestyle. We order everything online from prescriptions to reservations for one night stays or more. We order groceries, dinner, travel and more from online services. We even do our banking online. The only physical representation necessary for me to exist under is an immediate need for my physical presence. Unless you know something I do not, outside of the scope family, I see no reason for me to be of need in a physical presence. Well. There is one absolute need, but how would anyone know if they are not in my physical presence?

Here is my theory of how to remain serene in my life remaining here on Earth time. Live out of my car and a U-Haul storage facility. Exercise and cleanse at the local YMCA on a consecutive yearly basis in my day to day activity. My day to day activity consists of me checking in online at a local wireless location for internet, make my posts of daily deals in transportation service, then proceed to either meet a client or get my work out together. My lifestyle of "Always On Duty" (self employed consultant cabby service) is one which moves in the vehicle when prompted for driver assistance. I am where ever the client needs to get to. My yield potential in revenue is increased 8 fold and my health increased 4 fold. The daily routine of massage therapy and muscle growth for elite health reasons, shall encompass the very root of the word wise and joyful. This format allows me to remain out of trouble from relationships, keeps me in health for sanity, keeps me in tune for function, and grows my income as I am on call 24/7/365 and am my only employee, thus no days off or time off other than normal.

I have begun this process and see no other way for me to support myself with the mental health label attached to my persons, the employment history attached to my person, and the single status attached to my person. My children have a very responsible and functional mother whom needs no man to pay her bills. She is always my friend as she is the only one who stuck it out longer than the others. I blame no one for my exact place in life other than my own frightfulness or fears which allowed me to walk this way. That was a very tangent drift but pertinent to what eye am focused on today.

Today I am focused on being 100% Mr.Charles the brand. I shall create my brand in style, class and function as my hometown will have a built in mascot for transportation. Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban may want to speak to me and represent my home teams. I am your designated driver. I am your safe way home. I am your trusted path to safety. I am Mr.Charles.