Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Sinner Saint

How much time do we have or are allowed when given a question?
-When someone asks you a question do you remain positioned to hear the answer or does anticipation or expectation ruin it for you? I am an introvert with extrovert potentials. I grew up a very silent boy all the way into an open mic. What is programmed in my dna, my neurological and systematic design is the simplicity of yes or no. When I am attacked I defend, evade destruction or remove the threat! We all do.

However when anyone is using time to ask me a question which uses time and expect from me my answer which uses time then by all means eye am in time to know eye am free to answer considering its not my question i am answering. Well apparently I was not believed when I said i am special.
*it's not that hard a question because neither is the answer .... maybe you not listening to your question which is why you not gon listen to my answer.

Daily people pass each other and ask "saving face" or "being cordial" questions, which in fact means you are lying because you actually care less about how my day was, or what i am actually were just passing the time by. Office jobs are the best at being the worst in this arena. We fall for it all the time and because we are going through some things in our life and have been talking to God in private for so long about our life, we tend to answer peoples questions the way we believe we can talk to God - openly, honestly, without interruption, and with his love over us as we wait for the answer.
*Starting from Sinner Saint The Movie - lifestyle I will answer only one question and one question only. The rest need to be paid for. If I place a price on your word nine out of ten you will reserve your right to give me your word for free.
*If your word, dear people of earth, is valuable please know that sometimes i am not broke, poor, or without, the same word which is so high priced in value to you loses it's value when it is replaced by a better word. The question to ask yourself is which word did you use to replace your word?!
-i'll wait-