Friday, May 9, 2014

Based on How Eye Feel


I am confessing to the universe my result when researching myself. I am one whom through my introvert lifestyle and ways create an atmosphere of forgiveness and acceptance because deep down in me it is exactly what I want of me from you the people who are on this planet the same as I am on this planet. We are here by condition of this realm, this dimension, this atmosphere, this galaxy, this universe, and this mind as these conditions are all included when we connect with one another.

I know you are doing what you believe you can and should do. I am certain you have researched to the best of your abilities past or present future. You are seeking the best result or harvest from your labored efforts. The best option for any of us at this moment is the choice to keep a smile anyway. It sounds better when telling your tale to those whose ears burn for such carnage of folklore and possibilities. When you come across this thought one day as have I it will become more apparent how much time and effort was put into creating a moment where humor and release are one.