Wednesday, July 30, 2014

lower case letters

i said I Love You.
you said with a frown,
"you dont even know me to know you love me"

i said I understand and ceased letting you hear it. you said to me with a frown, why am i acting diffetently.

i said i am doing my best.
you said with a frown, it's not good enough.

when you are tired of your environment you do like i do and change it with what provides a large enough visual to satisfy the craving for control over your life.

i love you because i love me.
i see you because i see me.
i know you because i know me.
i want you the same as i want me.

you in anger professed your despise of me. i said i understand.

you said you are not in a relationship and i said i understand.

you said you are your own boss. i believe you.

you say you need to hear scripture. i said i understand.

all i am saying is why? why do i understand? why am i still here? why am i still yearning for you? why does it not hurt enough to not love you? is it my mental health as reason or my spirit life?

if i had to say something painful i can only say, "you are what you think as you are designed to see."