Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Thank you peoples for enjoying what little humor I am providing for your splendor and lifestyle of smile. Today is another beautiful middle which we all know how much I enjoy time in the middle. Let me begin by stating the truth about myself first. I am not what others perceive to be as "for everybody" thus I hold onto who I am at all times. This simply means that I know I am at fault but not to the point I am donkey about it.

I want to speak on the forbidden fruit subject matter of speaking with your mouth full. This has become a lost art and almost a dead language. When you know the truth is simple as you are what you eat, does it not concern you to eat more sweets? I will keep names free of this article and post the facts. Everybody ain't taste worthy. Some of this lifestyle's participants are not heeding the wisdom of the word in English translation. When you indulge yourself heavily it is educated of you to make certain you are balanced as possible. There is nothing as awakening as finding out about tooth decay in the middle of a french kiss on the cheek!


Please if you can for my sake make sure your ass is actually clean enough to notice it does not stink. When your ass is not clean it doesn't take long to realize it does stink. Especially ladies when you decide to place an arch in your back and a tilt in your pelvis. This move alone somehow increases the sensitivity to the nostril area of the male face as he is watching your physique from behind only to be apprehended by a warning and a clue that this is some ass right here!

Please recognize that 3 uses of a face towel does not represent it is still clean. When coochie (country ghetto slang word representing Vagina) hits me in my face and I know I washed my face twice, then it is safe to say you are on some budget set backs of the wrong kind. Your face towels belong to the face and not the place you want my face! I understand it's hot in the summer however, these are Christmas face towels that read 2008! It's time to let go and let God!

Tuesday's Tips
I had a Waffle House breakfast in Arlington Texas and to my dismay another one bit the dust. She rushed me on taking my order. She did not offer me water. She also had me to help her clean my table. She was of course my kind of woman by habit, however, she only had a butt that was nice to look at in an "it's okay" fashion. The previous waitress to the same establishment was much more pleasant in her all around approach and made me thankful to tip my wait staff. "Here is a tip for all flavors of the month. No excuses please, just allow me to enjoy my meal prepared by your boss!"