Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to be Sinner Saint: A Bipolar Abduction Corrected

There is nothing more comfortable than comfort itself. Yes. I have made the ultimate statement of all time and you are going to detest it and agree with it in the same breath before you lay to rest tonight or this morning coming. What is unexpected by you is the very knowledge within my being about why I am so comfortable in my skin.

I have nothing to lose. There it is. The ultimate secret to achieving success is to have nothing to lose in the first place. Keep in mind this is not a traditional option but it is an option. What I am more concerned with is the fact that all women jockeys arrive from riding the horse more than from looking at it eat. Yes. I said it again.

The little boy in me tries to evolve daily and daily as the effort grows the momentum does not. What is key in this relationship of confidence is the spirit. Yes. The spirit. The spirit is the very metric involved for causality of purpose. The purpose in the causality is the lesson taught and learned. The purpose in learning or teaching a lesson is the knowing factor of knowledge. Now that I have bored you enough with details unrelated to this topic statement or title let me indulge you a little bit further into the realm of Sinner Saint.

I say what ever I can speak that does not stumble into my teeth and gums or trips over my tongue.