Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Sinner Saint" I am not posting enough to make the search engines top 10 list!

I am jumping right into this thought with hardly any buffer. I don't have a clue why you are not asking your local radio stations for my opinion on anything? Do you not desire an alternative funny bone? The voice and styling of this comic is best suited for late night radio quiet storm sexy in the mood radio but this delivery is body rocking knocking the boots funny.

The approach made to the microphone is simple. Inhale. Observe. Smile. Exhale. Speak.  The rest is between the universal molecular structure of time space and extenuating circumstances. Who in their right mind would honestly tell anyone they dumped themselves? Whom in a right state of mind would admit to being fired as self employed? There are plenty curious statements this individual makes and all of them leave one question to mind. Who knew about Sinner Saint? Where has this guy been facilitated?

The attempt to explain a show is not worthy. There are too many nuances that are not present when reading text. Example is when the crowd knows not he is listening to them entirely. The gleam in his eyes when he smiles at you leaves you wondering is he going to make everyone look at me? Sitting on the front row is an actual treat because it's easier for him to speak to you up front than the person hiding in the corner so their spouse doesn't catch them out on a blind date.

People with nothing to hide vs. everyone else is the object of discussion. I am the writer here and I speak about myself as if I am a total stranger. I personally don't get it. I mean I do laugh, however, I don't know why I am laughing. There was a moment when Sinner Saint literally said to the entire audience how ridiculous it is that they are listening to every word said by Sinner Saint and people start laughing. He didn't even say it in an abstract manner. IS he hypnotizing everyone into believing they are laughing?  Who knows?

Sinner Saint
"When You Need a Laugh to be Funny"