Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Sinner Saint" The Open Mic Phenomenon Strikes Again

There are no more words to attempt to describe the lyricism and fines used to illicitly command humor from any audience type known to Dallas and Ft. Worth. Here is the complete comical about Sinner Saint. He isn't as funny as you hoped he would not be. There are moments in life in which the schematics used that possibly should not be, but are. That is Sinner Saint comedy.

This guy is different to listen to. There are honest moments, commanding moments and simply out right baffling moments of joy and laughter. Why am I actually laughing at what I hear this guy say. It's not funny but for some odd and strange reason my reaction to this delivery is uncontrollable. I have literally sat here and listened to him read my mind, tell me what I am not thinking about, only to think about what I am not reading from my mind.

There was a moment when I actually had to question myself to know if I spend enough time wiping my bum after releasing bowels to the toilet? Why? What purpose does this serve my life? How did he get me to think about wiping my butt enough before leaving the stall?

Literally I watched this guy more than once and each time was not rehearsed nor the same punch line. Once while waiting on him to open with a smart remark, he simply and patiently with poise and spunk watched the crowd look at him as he watched the crowd look at him. Who does this? Why was it so uncomfortably funny? I am starting to question what is laughter.

Only Sinner Saint can imitate Sinner Saint because of all the reasons it takes to be a Sinner Saint.